Motivate your community

Additional background information

Proven motivation factors

Many motivation factors are not expensive...

Briefing highlights
  • Share the briefing highlights.
  • Interesting challenges motivate!
  • Work with well composed teams.
  • It’s very motivating to work with interesting people.
 Food, drinks, location
  • Simple things like nice food, good drinks or an unusual location have a big impact on short term motivation.
 Share credits
  • Share the credits for the outcome with all participants.
  • Let participants share their experience.
  • Some participants might expect or simply depend on being paid for participating.
 Be nice, communicate well
  • Say please + thank you and keep participants updated: it’s motivating and a good investment.
Maslow's pyramid

Diese Darstellung erläutert die wichstigen Grundlagen menschlichen Handeln.

Motivations matrix