The DNA of Innovation

Innovation is often reduced to brainstormings. And brainstormings often don’t work. The BrainStore team has deciphered the DNA of innovation and identified 34 building blocks in six categories.

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The DNA of Innovation: a summary

Summary of the six categories

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Start with good briefings

Getting a good briefing requires two roles: the customer (needs an idea) and the Innovation Champ (supports the customer to find solutions). Before you start an innovation process, make sure you have the information you need.

Place the information in the 6 briefing parts.

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Compose a Creating Community

The outcome of an innovation process depends largely on the composition of the community. Don’t expect great ideas by bringing together people who think alike and work together every day. Bring in a mix of innovators to
conjure refreshing, disturbing, provocative thinking. Dissent adds flavor!

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Motivate your community

In a world full of distraction and activism, it is a big challenge to make sure innovators are motivated. Champs often forget about this vital factor, especially in ongoing innovation work. This leads to many projects going dormant after an invigorating launch.

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Use the Idea Machine to create ideas

The Idea Machine is a set of simple, scalable, replicable and robust processes, which allow you to create great ideas at the push of a button.

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Implement: Place leading ideas on road maps

The Road Map is where the big picture of innovation comes together. What should happen now, what comes then, what later and what might we consider doing? By designing your Road Map, you automatically think about sequence and resources.

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Improve your Innovation Culture

Building and improving your innovation culture never ends. It starts with the essential question “what is our purpose?”. Learn how to interact as a team - this is especially relevant for innovators as they are - by nature of the topic - dealing with the new and unknown.

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